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A community hub accessible to all.

Meet, chat, have a dip or enjoy activities that support your mental and physical health.

A community hub accessible to all.

Committed to furthering physical and mental health, the arts, performance, music and culture.

By Easter 2022, islanders and visitors will be able to enjoy a modern, multi-use, accessible building designed with the whole community in mind.

The changing rooms and showers will be free, accessible and have facilities for early morning swimmers to make hot drinks.

During the day, all year round, the cafe at La Vallette will provide affordable food and drinks, an incredible view and spaces for the whole community to enjoy.

Our vision is to create a venue that can be used by everyone in our community for creative, meaningful and purposeful activities.

The project is being driven forward by a group of islanders who have a passion for health and wellbeing in the community and has been planned in conjunction with the States of Guernsey and local funders.

Take a tour of the new facilities. (Note: This film is an artistic impression of the new facilities at La Vallette and should not be viewed as an accurate representation of the swimming pool or surrounding surfaces.)

For the whole community

There will be a new café, open all year round.

The changing rooms will be enhanced and the bathing pools will continue to be free to all. In fact, in time we hope to make the pools more accessible for everyone in our island community.

The project has planning permission and RG Falla are the building contractors.

The site is likely to be developed in phases and we hope to complete the cafe and changing rooms by spring 2022. During the redevelopment work, we will maintain facilities for swimmers to change and warm up.

We will be fundraising to add to the support we have already received from the States of Guernsey and private donations.

Limitations for parking is a challenge and so we need to find innovative ways of overcoming this potential problem and encourage active travel.

In addition to swimming, there will be a range of activities and opportunities for arts, sports, music and culture.

In time, the facilities will be self-funding, with profits being invested back into the building and the surrounding areas.

What’s happening now?

Work has started and is on track for the planned 2022 opening. We have provided temporary changing rooms to minimise disruption to swimmers and maintenance work on the pools has started. You may have noticed that the parking near the pools is a little different, the States of Guernsey is exploring ways to maximise parking in the area. Find out more about our vision for La Vallette.

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A new dawn


We understand that there are many questions about our vision for La Vallette and we have listed answers to some of the most popular ones here. If however you do not find the answer you are looking for or you simply want to find out more information then please contact us

Will the Café be run as a charity?2019-07-02T12:16:04+00:00

Vive La Vallette will be run as a social enterprise ensuring that any profit generated is re-invested in La Vallette site. The Café will operate on a commercial basis offering quality products at affordable prices.

What type of groups or organisations do you envisage using La Vallette?2019-05-30T14:20:17+00:00

We want to attract the widest spectrum of user groups that share our passion for La Vallette. This could range from a Sunrise Pilates class to an Art for Guernsey exhibition; a musical recital to the re-introduction of water polo matches. The possibilities are only limited by the Community’s imagination.

How important is the environment and biodiversity to your project?2019-07-02T11:25:56+00:00

It is important to us that we understand and support the natural environment surrounding La Vallette. Within our Team we have an outstanding architect who will be respectful of the environment and biodiversity in his design and planning.

Will there be disabled access into the building?2021-07-02T10:04:58+00:00

This is a key part of the overall design brief for the changing rooms, cafe and the top floor. Ensuring every member of our community can access the building has always been part of our vision.

Will the bathing pools remain free to swim?2019-07-02T11:26:23+00:00

Yes, one of our key values is to keep the area free to all. We want to encourage more people to enjoy this wonderful venue.

Do your plans involve removing the kiosk and replacing it with apartments, a restaurant or a boutique hotel?2019-07-02T11:45:33+00:00

Absolutely not. At the core of our project is the enhancement of the kiosk to create a high-quality Café that is in keeping with the natural beauty of the area.

Will you be demolishing the changing rooms or closing them completely?2019-05-30T14:18:23+00:00

We will be developing the changing rooms yes to ensure they remain functional but a better design. There may be a time during building work that they are closed but temporary facilities will be provided in this period.

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